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Die SGHL setzt sich für den Schutz der Gewässer und den nachhaltigen Umgang mit der Ressource Wasser ein. Sie bündelt das Fachwissen aus den unterschiedlichen Disziplinen und engagiert sich für dessen zielgerichteten und effizienten Einsatz.mehr

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SGM 2024: Symposium «Limnology and Oceanography»


Universität Basel
Petersplatz 1
4051 Basel

This symposium is part of the 22nd Swiss Geosciences Meeting from 8 to 9 November 2024. We invite contributions focused on all research within the realms of limnology and oceanography. We embrace studies using a wide range of methodologies, including field-based investigations, laboratory experiments, remote sensing analyses, and modeling studies. The session encompasses studies of various temporal or geographical scales, spanning from small-scale explorations to regional and global investigations, covering aspects of physical, biogeochemical, and biological oceanography and limnology. We are especially keen on receiving contributions from MSc/PhD students and young scientists eager to show their ongoing research to the wider scientific community. We are excited to welcome contributions that emphasize how sharing expertise between oceanography and limnology can cross-fertilize both fields.

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The Limnology/Oceanography session is expected to share its poster session with the session 13. Hydrology and Hydrogeology to foster an integrated perspective of the water resource.

The SSHL offers two prizes (CHF 250.- each) for posters presented at the SGM. The awards focus on scientific innovation and communication/design.

Early Career researchers (PHD and Master students) can apply for the SSHL-SGHL Poster Award. Together with the decision on your abstract, we will send you an application form by e-mail.

Deadline for the Award application: 1 November 2024


  • Limnologie
  • Ozeanographie

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For further information visit the website of the 22nd Swiss Geoscience Meeting.
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