Member of SCNAT

SSHL is committed to the protection of waters and the sustainable use of water resources. It bundles the expertise from the various disciplines and is engaged in its targeted and efficient use.more

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Who we are

The SSHL is the professional society for everyone involved in hydrology and limnology. Its members are interested in exchanging experiences, advising, and supporting each other.

The SSHL is broadly connected with related organisations to efficiently use existing synergies and resources, promoting sustainable management of water resources.

What we do

The SSHL facilitates communication between various stakeholders in hydrology and limnology and actively promotes young talents to ensure long-term knowledge transfer.

The SSHL provides its members/interested parties with a platform for exchanging a wide range of knowledge and experience. Intensive dialogue among professionals from administration, research, and the private sector is fostered through specialised conferences, colloquia, training courses, and excursions, thereby enhancing cooperation between science and practice.

The SSHL regularly publishes conference proceedings and reports on selected topics in its publication series and maintains a directory of the services and competencies of its members.