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Aquatic Ecology Network (AEN)

Who We Are

The Aquatic Ecology Network consists of experts actively engaged in the field of aquatic ecology. Our focus lies in the study of aquatic ecosystems, their biodiversity, and the conservation of these vital environments. To enhance our understanding and protect water bodies, our association holds membership in SSHL.

Water bodies are dynamic and species-rich ecosystems, providing essential functions in nature. They provide habitats and refuge for numerous species, facilitate the connection between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems through material flows, and link diverse habitats. Unfortunately, due to various human activities, few natural water bodies remain capable of fulfilling their ecological functions. Consequently, aquatic habitats face severe threats worldwide. Global warming poses an additional risk to already pressured aquatic ecosystems. Projections suggest that summers will likely become drier and with increased winter rainfall, altering discharge conditions and impacting aquatic communities.

To better protect aquatic habitats and species, we recognize the urgent need for collaboration among experts from different fields of application and research. A shared understanding is crucial, enabling us to collectively develop solutions and effectively confront future challenges.

What We Do

Similar to SSHL, the Aquatic Ecology Network advocates for the collaboration between specialists in aquatic ecology. Our goal is to foster the development and exchange of knowledge, sharing expertise to contribute to the protection and conservation of aquatic habitats and biodiversity.

Our association serves as a platform for experts in applied aquatic ecology as well as specialized agencies, authorities, and researchers to discuss critical topics and unresolved issues in aquatic ecology. Our aim is to broaden and deepen our comprehension of current challenges in aquatic ecology.

We are organizing a series of lectures and discussion groups to enhance the collective breadth of experience. Additionally, we arrange excursions, specialist conferences, and implement projects to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences, creating and leveraging synergies across various fields of expertise.



Aquatic Ecology Network (AEN)
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