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La SSHL è impegnata nella protezione delle acque e nell'uso sostenibile delle risorse idriche. Essa riunisce le competenze di varie discipline e si impegna a promuoverne un impiego mirato ed efficace.di più

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SSHL Junior Promotion Fund

The SSHL supports students, doctoral candidates, or post-docs in projects within the framework of basic or applied research in hydrology or limnology.

It supports young researchers:

  • participating in conferences, workshops, seminars
  • publishing and presenting scientific works
  • in exchanging experiences (e.g. internships) with foreign research institutes
  • collecting data in Switzerland and abroad

Would you like to apply for funding from the SSHL as part of your education?

Please submit the following documents to the :

  • project description
  • budget plan with expected expenses and their financing
  • brief CV with mention of affiliation to a (technical) university (including reference from the project supervisor)